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The team

We are a team of qualified professionals, experts in gambling law and based in the major European cities.

From Rome to Paris, from London to Brussels, from Lisbon to Berlin, Amsterdam and Malta.
We monitor the gambling law evolution and we participate in the national debates in each EU member State, encouraging the experience sharing and the knowledge of the law.

The gaming and gambling regulation is becoming more and more complex and difficult to understand. It’s becoming strategic for professionals stay up to date and follow the latest trends at a national and international level. Everything must abide by the law.

The gambling industry is experiencing a constant and rapid evolution because of the increasing amount of liberalization processes currently in progress in various EU member States and as a consequence of the development of the online gambling.
Governments are forced to rule complex legal issues that can no longer be postponed, such as:

  • consumers and players protection
  • protection of minors
  • prevention of illegal gambling offer
  • preservation of market competitiveness
  • safeguard of sports integrity
  • prevention of match fixing phenomenon
  • security of the gambling transactions
  • data protection

which have a direct impact on the operational and strategic decisions to make by stakeholders.
Legal experts, lawyers, consultants, operators – online and offline gambling providers – must have access to a reliable and constantly updated information that orient them in ruling or updating the existing legal framework as well as in running their professional activities and in making their strategic business decisions.

We help professionals by offering a quick access to the law sources and articles of the best doctrin, qualified congresses and a means of communication for corporate advertisement.

Considering this complex legal framework, Lexandgaming provides all stakeholders both at national and at European level, with an easy-to-use and reliable tool for accessing:

  • well-categorized and updated legal information
  • a network of specific professionals debating on the major topics of the sector

In this sense Lexandgaming works in very close contact with each national and EU institutions as a driver of growth and aggregation, promoting the knowledge and the regulation of the sector.

  • By assuring the constant updating of its national databases (national and European)
  • By organizing periodical meetings and conferences on specific subject matters
  • By offering legal operators spaces for corporate advertisement

Our vision and institutional perspective is based on solid principles of conduct and reference values:

  • Law certainty: security of finding the document in its complete and latest update text;
  • Reliability: impartiality and objectiveness in formulating commentaries accompanying the source;
  • Professionalism: experience of the team of lawyers and collaborators as well as a high profile of the scientific committee;
  • Service punctuality: constant and continuous updating;
  • Internationalism: cooperation and exchange of experiences between professionals operating in each EU member State.

We are supported by a scientific committee formed by University professors, judges and high-profile technical and institutional personalities with proven experience and reputation.
We promote academic researches by sponsoring studies and doctoral theses.

Judge Manfredo Atzeni
Prof. Claudio Barbaranelli
Judge Giuseppe Chiné
Attorney General Maurizio Greco
Judge Antonio Merone
Prof. Fabienne Peraldi-Leneuf
Attorney General Laurent Poulet
Judge Alessio Scarcella

Harrie Temmink, Deputy Head of Unit, European Commission DG GROWTH, Unit E2


Attorney Marcello Presilla
Attorney Valérie Peano
Attorney Chiara Sambaldi
Attorney Andrea Strata

Attorney Federico Mazzella

Lexandgaming is rooted into the long experience of legal and gambling experts. It is in constant contact and collaboration with the institutions, it monitors all the EU member states and continues developing, adapting to the changing requirements of all stakeholders.

Roberto Nisio, Executive Director at A.GI.SCO:
Lexandgaming is a landmark in data retrieval and above all in the understanding of Law and jurisprudence trends: I always find the debates and discussion opportunities offered by its Conferences and Seminars very interesting and profitable.

Francesco Ginestra, President for A.GI.SCO:
Staying up-to-date in the field of gambling and betting requires dedication and in-depth analysis which are very difficult to keep up with in every day work: thanks to Lexandgaming, we provide our partners with a fast and trustworthy tool, which contents are managed by a serious and professional team.

Lexandgaming is a dynamic and ever changing project, open to new contributors, whether professionals or master in the field, who want to actively participate to its growth.
If you want to be part of the team, give your contribution and enter the network of professionals that actively take part to the sector’s evolution, send us your CV and contact us: we will answer your questions and we will find out the best way for you to join us.
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